• Sunshot Poetry Prize

    by New Millennium Writings


    The Sunshot Prize Series is an extension of New Millennium Writings, the prize-winning literary journal founded in 1996.

    Over the past two decades, we at NMW have read more than 50,000 poems in our poetry contest, published more than 1,000 poets, and awarded over $200,000 in cash prizes to poets and writers.


    We created the Sunshot Prize Series because we know that, for most poets, one poetry entry is just a small piece of a much larger body of work. We want to read and reward those collections and ensure they get the recognition they deserve.


    Something else that sets us apart? All Sunshot winners and selected finalists will be sent to compete at the highest echelon of book awards, including the National Book Awards and the Pulitzer Prize, among others.


    We can't say how far Sunshots may take our authors, but we know how far we're aiming — join us for the trip!


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    Good luck and we look forward to digging into your work!

    Expanding our contributions to the literary community!

    At New Millennium Writings, we've spent the last twenty years establishing ourselves as a publisher of some of the country’s best new poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and nonfiction.


    Our contributions to the literary community include publishing the work of 1,700 poets and writers and delivering more than 50,000 beautiful annual anthologies (the 25th Anthology, Evolve, is now available).


    NMW has been awarded the Golden Press Card for Excellence and named "Breakout Journal of the Year." Work that first appeared in our pages has been republished in top publications, including the O. Henry Prize Anthology, Best New Stories from the South, and the Pushcart Prize collection.


    Guest judges have included Nikki Giovanni, David Madden, and Maureen McLane from the National Book Award Critics Circle.


    Our cornerstone, four-category contest will continue to serve the writing community. To date, NMW has awarded single submissions with more than $200,000. Visit NMW's website for additional information.


    "Fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that will feed your soul." - New Pages